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Health and Safety

We take pride in safeguarding both lives and livelihoods through comprehensive Health and Safety solutions. From meticulous SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality) auditing to professional certification, innovative training programs, and trusted advisory services, we ensure that safety remains at the forefront of your operations.

Environmental Management

Our Environmental Management experts are dedicated to nurturing and preserving our natural world. We engage in meaningful afforestation initiatives, implement robust Environmental Management Systems, conduct rigorous environmental audits, and employ advanced modeling techniques. Our work includes facilitating Environmental Impact Assessments and crafting sustainable Environmental Plans.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Harness the power of location-based insights with our GIS services. We specialize in collecting, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data to provide you with a deeper understanding of your environment. Whether you need to optimize resource allocation, plan sustainable developments, or make informed decisions based on geographic patterns, our GIS experts are here to guide you.


At GHEMES Consulting, we recognize the importance of informed decision-making. Our evaluation services encompass baseline surveys, midterm assessments, and endline surveys. We are passionate about research and data-driven insights, and we offer tailored training and capacity-building programs to empower organizations with the skills to measure their impact effectively.


The heart of any industry beats within its machinery. Our Engineering department is your trusted partner for the repair and maintenance of mine equipment, hydraulic systems, motor vehicles, and the seamless installation of solar and borehole solutions. We ensure that your critical assets operate at peak performance.

Tourism and Entertainment

We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and entertainment with us. GHEMES Consulting offers a vibrant array of services within the Tourism and Entertainment sector. From immersive ecotourism experiences to reliable car rental options, captivating videography and photography services, compelling films and documentaries, captivating storytelling, tourism marketing strategies, and seamless booking and reservation services, we transform your dreams into memorable realities.

Fruit Trees for Africa Initiative and the Schools Tree Growing Program

Projects in the Environmental Management Department The Environmental Management Department is responsible for the establishment of key projects that are key to the survival of humankind. At GHEMES CONSULTING COMPANY we are involved in climate resilience building through afforestation and reforestation initiatives. We have introduced the Fruits for Africa Program, The Schools Tree Growing Program and the establishment of Green Nurseries. The Fruits for Africa Program Africa is suffering much to the adverse effects of climate change and crop failure is now common leading to food insecurity. The planting of fruit trees across Africa will promote food security and aid in climate resilience building and African Countries will be able to export fruits and related products that's creating employment and offering sustainable livelihoods at the same time promoting carbon sinks. The Company is targeting to plant 5 million fruit trees in Zimbabwe but the project is being marred by insufficient funds. Ghemes Consulting Company is engaging the Ministry of Environment, Forestry Commission, Ministry of Agriculture and other key ministries. Schools Tree Program At Ghemes consulting Company we want to increase awareness on the importance of trees in schools around Zimbabwe and across Africa. We are currently engaging the Ministry of Education and we want to teach school children and parents about the importance of trees and establish orchards in schools. Green nurseries initiative We are planning to establish viable fruit tree nurseries in all the provinces in Zimbabwe and across Africa. We want Africa to be the main exporter of fruits and related products. Many of the youths and parents will be taught on how to manage tree nurseries with the assistance of the Forestry Commission. Lack of financial resources is stalling progress.

Photography and Videography

At Ghemes Consulting Company we are experts in photography, videography, storytelling and making documentaries. We have one of the best photographers and media personnel in Africa. We have the latest cameras and we can also make films.

Trees for Africa Initiative (Reforestation and Afforestation Program)-CALL FOR LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS

GHEMES CONSULTING COMPANY ZIMBABWE and HEDMAN NURSERIES MALAWI have combined forces in promoting reforestation and afforestation programs across Africa. We want to start pilot programs in Zimbabwe and Malawi respectively. We currently have 3 million pine and bluegumtrees seedlings and we are looking for local and international partners. We want to promote climate resilience building through afforestation and reforestation.

Ghemes Security Operations

At Ghemes Consulting Company we provide security services to companies and individuals. We provide guards, we install alarm systems and CCTVs, we also provide private investigators and offer dog handling services. We also monitor CCTVs for companies. We also offer Reaction services and

Ghemes Travel and Tours

At Ghemes Consulting we are also into Travel and Tours and we connect tourists to all destinations accross Zimbabwe and Africa. We link them with hotels, provide affordable packages and we also connect them to different airlines. We also do bookings and reservations.